Zeroeast provides all necessary support in International Business Development processes, ensuring lower cost of management, research, marketing, distribution, sales, communication and promotion. Our Project Management expertise, which outlines our approach, goes beyond the new markets fundamentals and opportunities, providing competitiveness analysis, project planning using measurable objectives, financial and operational risks management and all necessary specific assessments before committing to any operations and in post expansion phases.

Business Development

Zeroeast assists its customers throughout the critical path of business positioning in the world's most dynamic and fastest growing markets, providing all necessary support for delivering optimisation and acceleration of development processes.

Project Management

International project management is becoming increasingly important in the global business landscape, where companies continue to expand into new countries, either to increase their market share or to reduce costs by using more efficient resources found locally.

Business Services

Our Business Concierge constantly follows the customer in all development and follow-on phases of the project. It assists in the opening of representative offices, search for business partners, Joint Ventures, mergings, acquisitions and transition issues.


Sustainable Energy