ASEAN sustainable energy week 2020, a talk with Mr. Laohalatanaviboon

ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2020, the importance of the event and the positive prospects of the sector in the region. I am pleased to host for a short interview Mr. Burapa Laohalatanaviboon, Country Manager of FIMER Thailand, sponsor partner of the event.

Mr. Laohalatanaviboon , ASEAN Sustainable Week is among the most important fairs of the sector in Asia. How do you think the result was in relations with foreign companies which were impeded from participating and visiting due to the pandemic?

Due to travel restrictions under the present situation, many companies around the world have had to pull out of major trade fairs or participate virtually. Owing to FIMER’s strong global presence across 26 countries, including Thailand, we were able to physically debut our brand at the ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week as the local coronavirus transmissions dipped significantly, while maintaining an online presence at the show’s virtual exhibition. The show attracted over 15,000 participants on-site and online, and we were heartened by the good response.”

How is Thailand moving into the energy sectors?

“Sustainability is becoming an increasingly hot topic in Thailand and this well extends to the energy sector. With the Alternative Energy Development Plan (AEDP) on track, renewables are set to comprise 30 percent of the country’s total energy consumption by 2037. For one, solar has a significant presence in Thailand’s residential, C&I (commercial and industrial) and utility scale segments. Still, there is potential for further growth with the national target set at achieving 6,000MW in solar energy by 2036.”

What were the main topics covered during the fair?

“The topics were mostly centered on smart sustainable solutions and the future of renewables in Thailand. A personal key highlight was hearing Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, Supattanapong Punmeechaow talk about government measures to promote adoption of solar energy in Thailand and driving alternative energy such as electric vehicles. I am looking forward to seeing how these measures will develop in the near future.”

How was your experience in exhibiting? It could be a good advise for a new exhibitor in the upcoming events.

“The ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week is widely known as the region’s flagship conference and exhibition on renewable energy innovation. As such, it was important for FIMER to be present at the show in line with our strategy of deepening our footprint in APAC, a fast-growing market for solar and other renewables. As it was our inaugural participation, it was critical for us to reach out to our target audience with a strong brand presence and compelling message. This meant showcasing our extensive range of solutions from a 120sqm space from a prime location as Partner Sponsor and through our brand campaign, calling on the installers, EPCs, developers and distributors in attendance to embrace a ‘New Era’ in solar.”

Mr. Laohalatanaviboon, thank you very much for sharing your opinion and experience at ASEW 2020

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