Randi & Zeroeast, together towards the UK market

With great pleasure we welcome our new customer Azienda Agricola Randi, historical wine estate from Emilia Romagna region. Classic native vines are cultivated with passion, such as Famoso, Longanesi, Centesimino, Malbo Gentile, Trebbiano, Chardonnay as well as Suvignon grapes.

Quality, respect for the environment, cultivation method are the fundamental values that Randi supports in order to reach absolute levels of quality, which are the typical expression of the land. In order to have healthy and perfectly ripe grapes, no aggressive activities are applied, while in the cellar the processes are not invasive and the refinement is soft and gradual, to allow the typical characteristics of the vines to emerge.

At this moment in time in the UK, market dynamics are driven by post-Brexit regulations and pandemic social re-opening, Zeroeast will look after Randi’s in country strategies and operations for market positioning and growth. Zeroeast will be playing a very important part on the project front line, trading with importers and distributors, either supporting their customers to achieve sustainable objectives.

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